by Duncan Cameron

Here, you’ll discover firsthand accounts from those who have partnered with Cameron Group International. These testimonials offer a glimpse into the experiences and successes our clients have achieved through our collaborative efforts. Each story is a testament to our dedication to excellence and the effectiveness of our strategic solutions in various sectors. We invite you to explore these narratives to understand the impact and value Cameron Group International brings to every partnership.

Jim Crawford | Duncan Cameron is, “the best and most creative salesman I ever worked with. Completely reliable. Totally honest. Always meets or beats even the most demanding sales objectives. Not afraid of anyone, including highly stationed executives (decision makers). They are awed by his forthright candor and his delivering of anything promised. High intelligence level enables him quickly to grasp workings of an industry and prepare solutions to achieve objectives. A good friend for more than 40 years.”

Paul Hagen | ”I can recommend Duncan for his incredible energy, work ethic and his friendship. Duncan has helped my business by spreading the good word and he has given me very good advice in troubled times. I value his honesty and integrity, which are the most important things anyone in business can have. Many thanks to Duncan, and keep up the good work in your endeavors.”

Rene Sheridan  | “Duncan Cameron is a very reliable individual with extensive knowledge of the industry. He is easy to work with, understands rapidly and always comes back with a solution. He is a perfect gentleman and do not hesitate to work hard in order to complete a task. I have in many occasions used his talents and I will do it again if needed. I highly recommend Duncan.
R.R.Sheridan Sales/Business development, Jerico Associates

Roy Kunicky | “I worked with Duncan as his associate handling the national/regional sector of the advertsing industry. I found Duncan to be easy to work with. He responded quickly and efficiently to my queries, and always was respectful of our client needs. I would highly recomend Duncan to a company in a growth or start up mode.” July 13, 2010
Roy Kunicky, Independant Sales, Marketing & Management specialist

Simon Jasmin | “I have worked with Duncan since January 2011. He is very professional, versatile, he learns fast and excels in business development. I highly recommend Duncan and I will be pleased to work with him for a long time.” September 12, 2012
Simon Jasmin, Director Sales and Marketing – America’s Division, AMB Ecosteryl s.a.

Steven R. Noble | ADG Media | Duncan Cameron is a close business colleague, mentor, and a very good friend. His work ethic, honesty, integrity and intellect are second to none for his ability to meet and exceed the most demanding of sales objectives in a creative and can do attitude. With a keen eye, intellect and business sense, Duncan easily grasps the workings of an industry and prepare solutions to achieve objectives. His friendship, values, and honesty are the most important traits anyone in business can have. A pleasure to know and to be part of his business entourage. www.animaxdesigngroup.com