by Steven Noble

SILICONE BATTERIES INC. is a legal corporate entity registered under the corporate act of Alberta, Canada. Our corporate responsibility is the international marketing, sales and distribution of the silicone rechargeable power battery to all international regions worldwide.

We have authorized Distributors to be your providers of these revolutionary DW and GS silicone batteries. We have a wide range of battery products for a wide range of industries, such as Solar Systems, Wind, Telecom, UPS & Data Systems, Military, Marine, Power Stations, Computer Networks, Server Systems, Rail Locomotive and Electric Vehicles to name a few.

We at Silicone Batteries have positioned ourselves at the forefront of the battery revolution that is now under way, Governments of the G20 have signed an agreement to ban lead-acid batteries by the year 2020, many lead-acid battery factories have already been shut down.

The Silicone Battery Factories have passed all Governmental inspections and has been certified a Green Battery Technology containing no hazardous materials, we will remain open for business as usual after the year 2020, the factories will continue to manufacture and supply the highest quality Green Battery Products to customers around the world.

4443 Richardson Way SW., Calgary, Alberta, T3E 7G5, Canada
Telephone: +1 403-240-2400


Monday thru Friday – 9am to 5pm
Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays: Closed

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