Environmental Technologies

by Duncan Cameron

Cameron Group International has a powerful new approach to environmental solutions for the Waste Management Industry. We have partnered with existing infrastructures to facilitate new environmental technologies. Building successful new ventures which drive substantial returns to its investors, partners and society. Through a partnership with Cameron Group International, we can help deliver improved profits to towns and cities and the next generation of sustainable business leaders.

Global Environmental Problems Abound

As the population of Earth approaches seven billion people, the demand for innovative, environmental, and sustainable practices has increased substantially and, in many areas, is becoming the most prominent concern in society.

  • Access to energy and water will continue to be the two key drivers of economic and political tension.
  • More than two billion people worldwide lack clean water and basic sanitation with water-borne illnesses and air pollution getting worse and affecting future health of hundreds of millions of people.
  • Climate change is a reality and will have significant social, economic and political consequences worldwide.
  • The destruction and degradation of ecosystems is resulting in the fastest mass extinction of living things in the history of the planet.

Cameron Group International is your Bridge to Large-Scale Commercial Opportunities and Environmental Solutions

Cameron Group International has developed a unique business model for the commercialization of transformative technologies. This model couples more traditional sustainability analysis of existing companies with the emerging technologies that make those improvements profitable and real.  Cameron Group is launching new ventures out of this model.