Today organisations must innovate faster than ever. But finding value isn’t just about connecting the most devices to the network; it’s about improving integration, automation, analysis and the most important is to Secure all your Data Storage. Let’s imagine that once it become possible that all your data is no more in danger. Every single part of it becomes secure and impossible to hack. That is something good to imagine, right? But the magic has already come true.

Now, meet the SCROLL- an all-new concept of secure Internet browser whose mission is to provide a range of IT infrastructure for business, ministries and education, to enhance the IT services and help everyone throughout Finance & Business work safer and smarter.

SCROLL is a browser. Yes, it sounds simple. It is a browser with a free public software. It’s based on latest cyber security technologies within local networks and the Internet. If you ask a question “How secure it is?”, the answer will be “The only more secure way is to disconnect your devices from the net and switch them off”. It is a joke obviously, but never the less SCROLL supports all the modern technologies, that helps to protect your data from any external invasions.

For everybody today there is a weak point that puts in danger all the data stored in internet. All the data once inserted into a PC or laptop may be used by intelligence services all around the world. Here comes the SCROLL to protect the data from external invasions. We stand behind ministries all around the globe, and we believe it’s possible to leverage technology to impact the world around us.
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