Ideal Welders Ltd

by Duncan Cameron

With four decades of global experience, Ideal Welders has earned a reputation for excellence through the efficient delivery of high quality and innovative welding solutions. From engineering design and custom mechanical fabrication to modular piping solutions, we use state-of-the-art technology to take projects of all sizes and complexity from concept to completion. Our uncompromising standards and attention to detail ensure that every project is fabricated to exact specifications, completed within budget, and delivered on schedule.
Design and fabrication of pressure piping and vessels, Carbon, steel and alloy, all sizes, Modular plant fabrication, Proprietary sour gas switching valves, Vessel inspection, repair and retrofit.

For all inquiries relating to fabrication needs please contact:

Ideal Welders Ltd.
660 Caldew Street
Annacis Island, Delta, B. C.
Canada V3M 5S2
Phone: (604) 525-5558
Fax: (604) 525-5313

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