Headworks International

Headworks International

Every day, Headworks International devotes its considerable resources to meet the world’s demand for our most precious resource: clean water. The challenges facing the water industry change daily—to meet these evolving needs, we’ve devoted decades to continuously engineer innovative wastewater treatment solutions that have become industry standards. Our series of robust screens are the most reliable on the market, while our proven MBBR and IFAS systems are revolutionizing the way facilities are retrofitted and upgraded.

It takes a global company to meet the world’s global demand for clean water: because life depends on it, you can depend on us.

Headworks International is the number one choice among experienced owners, engineers and operators who know that quality construction, innovative design, and low lifecycle costs translate into long-term success for their wastewater screening and screen handling investment. Our dependable wastewater screening equipment operates automatically and with virtually no maintenance in tough and corrosive environments. The Headworks Bar Screen sets the standard in our industry for withstanding extreme conditions.

Headworks BIO™ Inc., a sister company, is one of the oldest independent MBBR/IFAS technology providers in the biological sector with approximately 15 years of experience in municipal, industrial, and marine applications. The team of process design experts at Headworks BIO applies proven technologies for sewage treatment, with discharge effluents meeting new stringent BOD, nitrification, and total nitrogen levels. The division also designs rapid deployed, modular, high capacity wastewater/sewage treatment plants using ISO shipping container dimensions.

Headworks Inc. is based in Houston, Texas with offices around the world including the USA, Canada, India, and the Middle East. The men and women of Headworks come from many cultures, creating a rich mix of experiences and forming a unique understanding of the global market place.

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