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by Duncan Cameron

Welcome to revolutionary energy.

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German Sustainables provides a revolutionary and future oriented source of energy. The GF 1000 vertical Axis wind turbine (VAWT)can be installed globally because of its simple construction and ease of transport. It can be set up in areas with difficult geological conditions, as well as strong and variable winds. For the first time a technically suitable wind turbine, which will achieve a reasonably quick return of investment, is available for areas which are otherwise off-bounds for conventional turbines.

Developed by means of German engineering, aerospace technology and the requirement for simplicity. Benefit from the distinctive advantages of the GF 1000 in your wind farm and say good bye to the ever increasing cost of maintenance and repairs of conventional wind turbines. Simple and rugged in construction, the GF 1000 provides globally a lucrative energy harvest, while having a positive lasting effect on the environment.

Get to grips with a new kind of wind energy retrieval, which will have an impact on the book of wind energy in the 21st century. Introducing the GF 1000.

Reason to establish the company was the urge to promote the new technology, which had been researched and designed over the past eleven years by Claus Colling (retired Flight Captain) and Dr. Ing. Kassera and successfully introduce it to the market. Since 2010 the efforts have been supported by means of investments though Mr. Johann Bachner, entrepreneur and CEO of Bachner Elektro Gmbh & Co KG, located in Mainburg/ Upper Bavaria. Together we would like to contribute in overcoming energy-related problems, without any undue burden for nature and mankind at fair pricing for all global regions, even where energy production was hitherto expensive or simply uneconomical. Imagine, if energy-resources where available without limitation, economical to use – independent from climatic- and /or geological conditions.

German Sustainables is positioning itself with complementary solutions alongside of the established conventional technology. We can fill the technological voids, which cannot be taken care of by the current wind turbine designs.


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