EnBiorganic Technologies

by Steven Noble

Bridging Science & Technology

We believe in synergy, various parts working together to produce an enhanced result.
We are driven to build innovative solutions based on a foundation of solid science. Our team is focused on solving big issues that will have a significant impact on our backyard and beyond.

Our current breakthroughs in wastewater solutions create value for our clients while protecting the planet’s most valuable resources. We believe in a living planet.

EnBiorganic’s microbiology consists of several strains of naturally occurring soil bacteria that replace traditional microbiology for wastewater treatment solutions. Our refined formulation has been proven to treat wastewater with minimal energy input in traditional wastewater treatment processes and eliminate traditional bio-solids that are harmful to the ecosystem. This supports a sustainable solution for the treatment of wastewater which is directly linked to improved economics, improved productivity and improved environmental performance.

Microbiology is derived from soil and is non-pathogenic. It is specifically formulated for a particular site; in essence, the bacterium is trained to feed off of a certain diet then released into that wastewater environment knowing its food source. Each dose of microbes will positively affect a measured quantity of effluent.

Assured Results

Our unique system for wastewater management is highly-effective, requiring minimal input costs and little to no maintenance costs. It’s compact and compatible with existing infrastructures.

We treat wastewater the way nature does – with microbiology. Our customized microbial agent is formulated specifically for the unique needs of each site. with assured results that are exceedingly better than government NPDES permit regulations.

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