EMCS Industries Ltd

by Duncan Cameron

EMCS Industries was established in 1955 in the beautiful West Coast town of Sidney, BC, Canada. The Company was established by Frank Chappel who had invented a revolutionary seawater system protection technology. The Company is now a division of Environmental and Marine World Class Solutions Corp and oversees all of its own manufacturing and distribution. EMCS Industries Ltd has representation in 18 countries around the world.

More recently EMCS has begun to offer the revolutionary OTTER Barge for environmental remediation with a focus on Waste Water Treatment plants, treatment of effluent lagoons in Pulp Mills and Mining, as well as remediation in lakes and ponds. The OTTER is part of the EMCS core competency of water remediation using a Modular Barge designed by EMCS and its partner companies DO2E and Outbound Engineering.

EMCS Industries has world class products that solve problems for its world class customers in a variety of industries including marine, forestry, water treatment, mining, industrial and oil & gas sectors, as well as many others.

Unit 2 – 2042 Mills Rd W, Sidney, B.C. Canada, V8L 5X4
Phone: 250.656.5366
Toll Free: 844.433.EMCS (3627)
Fax: 250.656.5344
EMCS Industries website


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