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The perfect match between recyclable materials and the right plants international traders and consultants for the materials recycling industry.

At Greensley we have more than 10 years experience in recycling business.

By an extensive network of more than 300 professionals and recycling plants worldwide, we aim to solve the most exciting challenges.

We attend regular courses to keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest technologies and scientific developments in recycling.
soft, rigid, technical plastics | nonferrous metals | ores | chemicals | surplus stocks | niche materials, difficult to recycle

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Greensley is a brand by
via Maggini 212, I-60127 Ancona, Italy
VAT: IT02294710427
T. (+39) 0719206262
F. (+39) 0719203262

WhatsApp. +447580737750

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Company Summary: Fuclrum Environmental Solutions is a private Canadian Corporation with its head office located in Edmonton, Alberta. Fulcrum is the primary patent holder of the TiPs technology. The company has a manufacturing and commercial test facility in Tyler, Texas, USA and an international office located in London, UK.

Duncan Cameron
+44 745 225 9265       Mobile (World)
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Seolta Group/CGI
429c Keppochchhill Road
Glasgow, Scotland
G29 1HT

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