We are a Greentech company providing next generation, natural solutions,
for immediate progression towards carbon reduction

Deadly pollutants from the use of all hydrocarbon fuels (fossil & synthetic) in modern times have pushed us to a critical point in Earth’s history. Many countries now have plans to limit or phase out hydrocarbon fueled vehicles, e.g. the UK government have brought forward plans to ban the sales of petrol and diesel cars from 2030. Whilst dealing with the pollution from cars is encouraging, by far the majority of environmental pollution from use of hydrocarbons is caused by commercial vehicles, marine vessels, heavy machinery and industry, with few viable options for alternative fuels. Diesel is a major fuel source for most end users and oil companies have 100 years of stock in the ground which they will not abandon lightly.
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Despite the best plans and intentions, the reality is hydrocarbon fuels will continue to be a major power source for transport and most other industries for many decades to come. Therefore, the solution can only be to drastically reduce the pollutants and toxins that are currently generated from the inefficient use of hydrocarbon fuels.

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CWWA is the professional association for Canada’s municipal water sector and we are THE voice for that sector at the national and international level. We represent the municipal water and wastewater utilities and the private sector partners that work with them to provide safe drinking water and protect our water resources.

CWWA exists to keep our members informed on national issues concerning our sector, facilitating national dialogue and information sharing, and advocating for our sector on the national and international scene. We accomplish our mission by working closely with many other organizations and building working relationships with federal departments and agencies.

CWWA is a non-profit national body incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. A board of directors, with representation from across the country, directs the mission and goals of the association and oversees the small staff at our headquarters in Ottawa, the nation’s capital. While our ‘membership’ is at the corporate level, we represent the many thousands of water professionals that work for these member corporations (municipal utilities, consultants, service & product suppliers). The bulk of our work is conducted by these volunteer members through our technical committees and at our national events.


CWWA, Unit 11, 1010 Polytek Street,
Ottawa, ON
K1J 9H9


Office phone: (613) 747-0524
Ofifice fax: (613) 747-0523


Cameron Group International is a member of CWWA

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O2 Armor

by Steven Noble



O2 Armor Concealed Filtration provides a convenient, comfortable, easy-to-use solution to block airborne pollutants when wearing a dust mask is impractical, uncomfortable, ineffective due to facial hair or would prevent clear communications. O2 Armor is made from a medical grade plastic nasal dilator which incorporates a filter media from a leading manufacturer. Our filters effectively capture up to 99% of pollen, smoke, dust, lead dust, airborne sawdust, allergens, pet dander, mold, pollution, germs and viruses measuring down to less than 2.5 microns (PM2.5) in size. O2 Armor is available in a three pack with a convenient travel case as well as refill packs in 10, 25, and 50 pairs of O2 Armor.

Each package of O2 Armor contains 3 filters in a convenient travel case, get one for every place you might use them, the car, your garage, range safety kit, tool chest, work case, carry-on luggage etc. Have them handy wherever you are concerned about the air quality.


O2 Armor Concealed Filters are the perfect solution to airborne pollution such as smoke, dust, viruses, pollen, and any other contaminants.
+1 206-498-3405
Typically replies within a few hours

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ACE EV Group is focused on the future of clean energy in Australia. By producing the first Australian-built light commercial electric vehicles, ACE EV Group aims to create a revolution in automotive transportation. 

In 2021 ACE EV will be launching a unique range of fully electric, light commercial vehicles and cars made for tradies and city living. Reservations are now open for the ACE Cargo and ACE Yewt below with the ACE Urban reservations coming soon.

The automotive industry faces a once-in-a lifetime transition and ACE EV Group is the flag bearer of a new and innovative future in Australia. In 2021 ACE EV Group are launching a range of Australian made light commercial electric vans and cars, The ACE Cargo, ACE Yewt and ACE Urban in 2022.

Advanced technology, zero emissions and local, specialised production. A new, disruptive eco-system for the future of personal and business transport in Australia.

The world is shifting to electric vehicles. Internationally, governments are supporting uptake with measures such as Electric Vehicle targets, bans on internal combustion sales, road access restrictions (congestion / low-emission zones), purchasing grants and registration / tax discounts. People want them, most governments want them and businesses want them. The shift is undeniable and accelerating rapidly.

The rise of the electric vehicle market over the past decade has been extraordinary. In what seems like a blink of the eye, auto manufacturers have gone from barely registering the possibilities of EV technology to embracing it. Now every major manufacturer has an EV strategy and the future of the industry looks bright for battery powered.


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Bridging Science & Technology

We believe in synergy, various parts working together to produce an enhanced result.
We are driven to build innovative solutions based on a foundation of solid science. Our team is focused on solving big issues that will have a significant impact on our backyard and beyond.

Our current breakthroughs in wastewater solutions create value for our clients while protecting the planet’s most valuable resources. We believe in a living planet.

EnBiorganic’s microbiology consists of several strains of naturally occurring soil bacteria that replace traditional microbiology for wastewater treatment solutions. Our refined formulation has been proven to treat wastewater with minimal energy input in traditional wastewater treatment processes and eliminate traditional bio-solids that are harmful to the ecosystem. This supports a sustainable solution for the treatment of wastewater which is directly linked to improved economics, improved productivity and improved environmental performance.

Microbiology is derived from soil and is non-pathogenic. It is specifically formulated for a particular site; in essence, the bacterium is trained to feed off of a certain diet then released into that wastewater environment knowing its food source. Each dose of microbes will positively affect a measured quantity of effluent.

Assured Results

Our unique system for wastewater management is highly-effective, requiring minimal input costs and little to no maintenance costs. It’s compact and compatible with existing infrastructures.

We treat wastewater the way nature does – with microbiology. Our customized microbial agent is formulated specifically for the unique needs of each site. with assured results that are exceedingly better than government NPDES permit regulations.

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We are a military and outdoor gear store to fill all your purchasing needs. Whether you are in the military or a civilian, we have it all for you. With over 600,000 products, TacFul Gear LLC offers the utmost selection of apparel and gear to ensure you succeed in every operation and activity. We’ve built this company from the ground up serving you, members of law enforcement, military and civilians. Why? Our goal is to give you the ultimate online shopping experience. From the most affordable prices to the best gear available. Our specialty is to provide high quality outdoor products for military, law enforcement and outdoor activities.

As we’re also a textile manufacturer. Be on the look out in Summer 2020 for USA made tactical apparel and military uniforms!

Matthew Irby

TacFul Gear, LLC.
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Working closely with our clients we deliver solutions in the field of marine engineering and vessel design.

There are two directors – John Davies – Managing Director and Ian Brown – Drilling & Engineering Director. Ian is also a qualified Naval Architect.

When coming up with new designs CDC focuses on common-sense ideas to make Offshore O&G and Renewable s better. Nothing earth-shattering or esoteric, just a willingness to look at the bigger picture while acknowledging and adapting the best of what other industries have to offer. We believe that innovation – when approached collaboratively in an atmosphere where it is OK to try – and fail, will deliver efficiencies leading to a more stable future for our industry.

CDC designs are protected by international patents while the vessel designs hold American Bureau of Shipping Approval in Principle.

CDC’s priority? Breaking free from the debilitating attitude of ‘doing it the way it has always been done’ and putting into practice ideas that will make a difference.

OOS Multi-Activity Unit based on the CDC Chameleon
OOS Multi-Activity Unit based on the CDC Chameleon

Four legged and designed as a MODU to SNAME T&R 5.5A the Chameleon represents a ‘Pocket MODU’ – freeing you from the higher day rates of drilling MODUs and the crane and weather limitations of liftboats.

Contact – Celtic Design Consultants Ltd

For additional information on how designs from Celtic Design Consultants Ltd can deliver cost savings and increased efficiency within your own operations,
please call John Davies on +44 7946 396049 or email at  or visit

Alternatively, the office address is:

Celtic Design Consultants Limited
28, Greenbrae Avenue,
Bridge of Don,
AB23 8 NU
United Kingdom

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Stay tuned for a revolution in the world of mass transit . Our website has currently just been started and is in the development stages.
Subscribe for site updates and launch.



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SILICONE BATTERIES INC. is a legal corporate entity registered under the corporate act of Alberta, Canada. Our corporate responsibility is the international marketing, sales and distribution of the silicone rechargeable power battery to all international regions worldwide.

We have authorized Distributors to be your providers of these revolutionary DW and GS silicone batteries. We have a wide range of battery products for a wide range of industries, such as Solar Systems, Wind, Telecom, UPS & Data Systems, Military, Marine, Power Stations, Computer Networks, Server Systems, Rail Locomotive and Electric Vehicles to name a few.

We at Silicone Batteries have positioned ourselves at the forefront of the battery revolution that is now under way, Governments of the G20 have signed an agreement to ban lead-acid batteries by the year 2020, many lead-acid battery factories have already been shut down.

The Silicone Battery Factories have passed all Governmental inspections and has been certified a Green Battery Technology containing no hazardous materials, we will remain open for business as usual after the year 2020, the factories will continue to manufacture and supply the highest quality Green Battery Products to customers around the world.

4443 Richardson Way SW., Calgary, Alberta, T3E 7G5, Canada
Telephone: +1 403-240-2400


Monday thru Friday – 9am to 5pm
Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays: Closed

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by Steven Noble

The perfect match between recyclable materials and the right plants international traders and consultants for the materials recycling industry.

At Greensley we have more than 10 years experience in recycling business.

By an extensive network of more than 300 professionals and recycling plants worldwide, we aim to solve the most exciting challenges.

We attend regular courses to keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest technologies and scientific developments in recycling.
soft, rigid, technical plastics | nonferrous metals | ores | chemicals | surplus stocks | niche materials, difficult to recycle

Contact us

Greensley is a brand by
via Maggini 212, I-60127 Ancona, Italy
VAT: IT02294710427
T. (+39) 0719206262
F. (+39) 0719203262

WhatsApp. +447580737750

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Management consulting, information technology, international business since 1996. My name is Samuele “Sam” Sequi. I was born in 1972, I lived in Italy and in the UK. I studied Physics and Computer Science, I learnt marketing and management on field. Since 1996 I manage companies in Italy and abroad.
Get in touch!

Ready to start your project? Great! Call me or send me an email: I am ready to discuss together.
SEQUIconsulting – Via A. Maggini 212, Ancona 60127, Italy – VAT IT02294710427
(+39) 0719206262
(+44) 7580737750

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Do you want to buy a new phone at an affordable price? Phones 4 All is the right place for a wide range of mobiles and tablets at competitive prices.
Experienced phone and laptop technicians

Phones 4 All is run by a small team of dedicated professionals who have many years of experience in phone and laptop repairs. Established in 2016, we offer phone and games console sales and repairs at reasonable prices. At our phone shop, we stock a wide range of mobile phones of all brands. We also offer a free phone case and a screen protector with every phone. Based in Bradford, we also serve customers in the surrounding areas.

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