Green Energy

We are a Greentech company providing next generation, natural solutions,
for immediate progression towards carbon reduction

Deadly pollutants from the use of all hydrocarbon fuels (fossil & synthetic) in modern times have pushed us to a critical point in Earth’s history. Many countries now have plans to limit or phase out hydrocarbon fueled vehicles, e.g. the UK government have brought forward plans to ban the sales of petrol and diesel cars from 2030. Whilst dealing with the pollution from cars is encouraging, by far the majority of environmental pollution from use of hydrocarbons is caused by commercial vehicles, marine vessels, heavy machinery and industry, with few viable options for alternative fuels. Diesel is a major fuel source for most end users and oil companies have 100 years of stock in the ground which they will not abandon lightly.
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Despite the best plans and intentions, the reality is hydrocarbon fuels will continue to be a major power source for transport and most other industries for many decades to come. Therefore, the solution can only be to drastically reduce the pollutants and toxins that are currently generated from the inefficient use of hydrocarbon fuels.

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